Trusted Methods to Kill Naperville Geese

We make a lot of efforts to scare Illinois geese from our premises, but they always get a chance to invade it. After getting frustrated with their annoying activities, the only option left with homeowners is to kill them. There is no doubt to say that Naperville geese can bring lots of troubles to your premises. Their droppings carry several harmful disease viruses that can be transferred to the humans and pets around. Hence, it is important to take immediate steps to deal with the problem. Experts have suggested some methods to handle the issue by killing them. Although they are not applicable to all cities of United States; but you can check if your state laws allow you to use any of these.

Shooting with air gun
One of the simplest techniques to kill these large Illinois birds is by shooting them. But the fact is that this technique is suitable for few birds only; you cannot shoot the large group of geese at once. Moreover, these creatures get aggressive on the gunshot and can come to fight back. They have a tendency to run wild and may cause more damage to your habitat. Also, before you choose this technique, it is important to understand that geese are protected by state laws, so you need to take permission from a government agency to deal with them. If you live in Washington, it is legal to hunt these large birds but shooting them outside this area needs a special permit from a government agency.

Another easy to use the method to kill Naperville geese is poison. Although it takes small efforts to handle this task, you may find it difficult to deal with their remains after killing them. Also, you have to make sure that the poison gets spread in the bait accurately and then wait for some time to let the bird consume it. Note that these poisons are designed to look like grains, so there is no need to get an additional treat to serve them. You just need to make efforts to remove the dead bird’s carcass otherwise it can spread terrible odor in the premises and can put danger to public health as well.

Gas chamber:
In the extreme cases, when the above two methods do not provide desired results, one can also think of using gas chambers to deal with Naperville Geese. But it is important to know that this method cannot be considered as a home remedy rather can be used by professionals only. However, if none of these methods are suitable for the area where you live, it is better to take help from professionals to deal with the issue. They know right tips and techniques to capture these large birds and can leave them at the far end of the city. One of the potential solutions is to install exclusion traps that do not allow Illinois geese to find a way to get inside. Once you are able to take them out of your premises, it is good to install fences all around.

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