Everything You Need to Know About Naperville Rabbits

There are numbers of species of Illinois rabbits, and they are available at different corners of the world. You can identify them from their variable size, shape, markings, and colors. They can usually grow as much as up to one to 7 pounds weight range, and the length can be somewhere around 55 to 60cm. The smallest rabbit is seen with a 30 cm dimension only. The most surprising thing about these creatures is that even on rabbit can look different in summer and winter seasons. Experts reveal that they keep on changing colors to become able to stay blended with the variations of the world. Their fur becomes darker in the summer season, and it automatically goes lighter in winters. Some of the most commonly seen rabbits are grey-brown in color; however, others can be black, white or a mixture of colors.

You may find them innocent at first appearance, but the sad fact is that these creatures are capable enough to damage crops. They love to feed on plants, seeds, and fresh leaves and while doing so, they often destroy agricultural fields. Many homeowners face troubles due to these creatures as they keep on damaging crops, trees, and greenery around. They are also one of the major cause behind the poor health of plants, trees, and turf. These creatures often get attracted towards human habitats as they love to target vegetable patches, shrubs, trees and flower beds. Rabbits follow the different diet as per the seasonal changes; they try to adapt to whatever is easily available in the area. You may often find them eating conifer needles, twigs, buds and bark in the winter season.

As there are so many species of Naperville rabbits; their lifestyle usually varies as per the area where they live. The cottontail rabbits, for example, can easily survive up to 8 years when kept as a pet but in case if you put them in the wild or forest area; their lifespan will be reduced to only 2 to 3 years. There are several reasons behind their shorter lifespan in wild; some of the most commonly observed are diseases, predators, and hunting. At the same time, weather conditions also have a direct impact on health and life of these creatures. The predators that keep on targeting rabbits include weasels, coyotes, foxes, bobcats, and alligators. Some predators also come from the sky too, and this list includes owls, hawks and many other large birds.

The habitat also varies as per the type of Illinois rabbit species that you are looking for. Generally, their living preferences also vary with the area where they live. Most of these creatures prefer to live alone in their marked territories, and they prefer to wander out in the daylight; however, few of these creatures are shy to come out in the day hours. Although they prefer to stay away from fights when it comes to the safety of life; they can even get aggressive to protect their life.

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